Over the years we receive regular updates & pictures from families who have taken one of our puppies into their loving homes. We often have families coming back to us for a playmate for their first puppy. Here are some letters & pictures from some of our past puppies who are now living in great new homes.

James Roinski – Grand Rapids, MI
“Yell, Jones & Christina are the absolute best Pomsky breeders there is out there. They will do anything for the love of all their puppies. They will not only give you a wonderful, happy & healthy little bundle of joy, but will continue to help you & keep up good communication with you throughout the entire time. He is always there anytime day or night to help! My Hyde is such a little ham & everyone loves him at first sight.”

Have a wonderful day.

Martha Compton – Orlando, FL
“I am aware of how scary it is to buy your new family member from a breeder you may have not met & furthermore, not having met the puppy in person. I find that the summary of Leko’s personality on the breeder’s site, prior to us receiving Leko, was right on target. You may hear scary stories of purchasing a puppy from a breeder who seems trustworthy & then not receiving your puppy once you have paid. I can assure you, with Yell, Jones & Christina that is not the case. They prepare your puppy for a safe flight & ensure that the puppy is safely cleared for travel at the vet prior to flying the puppy out to you. Their prices are very affordable unlike other breeders. Please buy from them, you will get the best puppy ever.”

Thanks again guys & stay blessed.

Roy Zhang – San Diego, CA
“Yell, Jones & Christina, Thank you so much for your wonderful follow through concerning the purchase of our puppy Tina J. As you know we had been scammed prior to dealing with you, but you did exactly what you said, and kept us abreast of every step in the process of bringing our little darling home. What a delightful character she is, and needless to say we are in love. My kids are very happy & she loves playing with them. Thanks for being the honest, kind breeders & sales folks you are.”

Thanks and talk again soon.

Melissa Turns – Dallas, TX
“After visiting several breeders, I came across Yell, Jones & Christina website. They were so friendly & helpful right from the beginning. When we met the puppies in person at their home, they were exactly as they were in the pictures, healthy, happy, and so cute. I instantly fell in love with Vince! They were very honest, very informative & helpful through the entire sale process. This is my first time buying a Pomsky, & I am so happy with my little boy! They are great about giving helpful advice about keeping your puppy healthy even after you purchase the puppy, I couldn’t be happier!! Looking forward to my next pup.”

Best regards.

Adams Story- Chicago, IL
“Yell, Jones & Christina! The transaction was quick and smooth. They were prompt with responding and shipping was a breeze and can we talk about how reasonable their prices are? My new puppy is in gorgeous shape, great health and she just the sweetest puppy. They are great to work with and offered their advice in the future if needed.”

Thanks again, I look forward to future puppies from you guys.

Betty Vill – Princeton, NJ
“Yell, Jones & Christina are awesome. They will answer any questions. I have had Yorkie for some time, bought my first Pomsky from them, they were there for every question I had! I was very scared to give so much money to someone in another state so far away, did not know if they would take money & run, they did not, they are great please buy from them. I was like you did not know who to trust you can trust them. They sent me all the paperwork & flight info. My puppy Ink is very healthy & happy in his new home. Loves to snuggle with me every now & then.”

Thanks again guys.

Marion & Marcus Santana – Tacoma, WA
“Yell, Jones & Christina, I wish I had more word to rate you guys. I received my male puppy last Monday and he is the sweetest, most lovable little puppy. Yell, Jones & Christina were amazing. I was a huge pain in the butt buyer and they were nothing less than courteous and sincere. I was afraid to deposit funds in their account at first, they told me to trust them which I am happy I did and they shipped my puppy to me within 2 days.They even made alternate shipping arrangements for me due to my work schedule. Biggs is my world and I have you guys to thank for that!”


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